The Norway Advantage

Norway offers unique competitive advantages for battery cell production.

Carbon-free energy

>98% of electricity produced in Norway comes from renewable energy sources. FREYR has access to an abundant supply of CO₂ emissions-free power.

Industrial skills and experience

Norway provides access to a workforce with extensive experience in engineering, planning, and project development for the energy sector. The highly skilled and efficient workforce enables a high level of automation.

Norway is proud of its hundred-year industrial history, where advanced manufacturing has played an important role.

Low regulatory risk

There is strong local and national political support for the planned facilities in Rana. Establishing a strong battery production industry in Norway is one of the Government’s stated goals.

Stable economy

Norway has a diversified economy and the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Fund. The country is AAA rated and recognized as a stable and reliable regulatory regime.

Quality of life

The United Nations’ Human Development Report consistently rates Norway as one of the best countries to live in.