Our Roadmap to cut CO2 emissions in our supply chain

FREYR has an ambition for 2030 to reduce the CO2 emissions from the mining of our minerals, through processing of the same minerals and into active material and including our own battery cell manufacturing, to 15 kg CO2 per KWh battery capacity produced. This is substantially lower than global average today which different studies indicate are between80-100 kg CO2 per KWh for different types of Lithium-Ion battery chemistries and manufacturing technologies.

Below is a graph showing where the emissions are in our value chain and what we are planning to work on over the next seven years to get there. We will report annually on our progression towards our ambition.

For 2035 our ambition is to produce batteries with net-zero carbon-emission from cradle to gate. The final roadmap from 15 to net zero will be developed as we learn more from our current initiatives as well as the opportunities to invest in quality emission-positive projects are clarified.

FREYRs CO2 Decarbonization Path Towards 2030​

Generic and simplified graphical visualization of FREYRs roadmap for decarbonization based on LCA of 24M’s semi-solid lithium-ion technology​

Co2 emission

Delivering on our ambition will require technology development across the value chain, and collaboration from partners, including suppliers, customers, and governments. The exact trajectory of the CO2 reductions is uncertain.

Our Roadmap to cut CO2 emissions in our supply chain 2