Giga Factory USA

FREYR Battery announced in 2021 the formation of a joint venture (“JV”) in the United States between Koch Strategic Platforms (“KSP”) and FREYR. The JV, which has a 50%/50% ownership structure, was established to develop an initial 50 GWh of Gigafactory-scale battery cell manufacturing capacity in the U.S. based on 24M Technologies (“24M”) SemiSolidTM platform technology. The scale and scope of the targeted development would position the JV as one of the largest battery cell manufacturers in the U.S., using American-borne technology and the sustainable innovation of a premier U.S.-based, global industrial partner in KSP.

This venture further progresses FREYR’s strategic focus of developing clean, localized battery cell production and supply chains to catalyze emerging energy technology adoption.

Site locations in USA are being explored.

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