Why invest in FREYR

FREYR plans to produce clean, cost competitive lithium-ion batteries to accelerate decarbonization of global energy and transportation systems.

Powered by renewable low-cost energy, state of the art technology and Norwegian comparative advantages, FREYR plans to supply cost-optimized, application-specific battery designs to its target markets. We believe this will create long-term value for our investors, lenders and society at large.

Investment highlights:

“Clean battery solutions for a better planet”

Perspectives on decarbonization and how we can make it happen, by FREYR CEO, Tom Einar Jensen

Building a strong organization for sucessful project execution, by FREYR COO, Einar Kilde

Effective and scalable high yield production from the start, by FREYR CTO, Ryuta Kawaguchi

Energy transition, growth and access to capital as an enabler for clean, low-cost batteries by FREYR CFO, Steffen Føreid