Decarbonizing transportation and energy systems...

...with clean, high-density, high quality battery cells.


FREYR is an emerging producer of clean battery solutions for a better planet.

Fuelled by low-cost hydro and wind energy, FREYR designs and manufactures high-density and cost-competitive lithium-ion batteries with a reduced carbon footprint for the rapidly growing global markets for electric mobility, stationary energy storage, marine and aviation applications.

Business model

Our business plan leverages a phased development approach utilizing deep partnership-based strategies, including in-licensing of next-generation technologies and joint venture partnerships of proven OEM platforms. This dual technology strategy enables responsive industrial scaling of battery cell capacity in our modularized and flexible production facilities.

FREYR is committed to being a competent and reliable R&D partner driving continuous business process innovation through collaboration.

Markets and customers

We supply high-density and cost-competitive clean battery cells to the rapidly growing global markets for:

  • electric mobility
  • stationary energy storage
  • marine applications
  • aviation applications

Our battery cell facilities

We are planning to develop up to 43 GWh of battery cell production capacity by 2025 to position FREYR as one of Europe’s largest cell suppliers. Our facilities are located at Mo i Rana industrial complex in Northern Norway, where we can leverage Norway’s highly skilled workforce and abundant, low-cost renewable energy supply.

Latest news


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