Global transport is the third largest CO2 contributor, and therefore electrification of commercial vehicles is of high importance.

FREYR aims to become the world’s lowest CO2 footprint and the most cost-competitive lithium-ion battery cell producer.

FREYR provides high performance, sustainable and affordable battery cells for electric buses, trucks, and marine vessels with zero emissions.

The combination of 24M technologies and low carbon sourced raw materials
will make our batteries a clean circular solution for an
environmentally friendly world

24M solves the grand challenge of energy storage with the invention of the semisolid lithium-ion battery, a revolutionary technology for the architects of our energy future. Credit: 24M Technologies

Guillaume De Forton

Vice President Business Development eMobility


Guillaume de Forton is FREYR Battery’s VP Business Development eMobility (bus, truck, light commercial vehicle) and marine. Guillaume joined FREYR from OXIS Energy in the UK, former developer of next generation Lithium Sulfur Rechargeable Batteries. In his career, he has also worked in China, Taiwan, Belgium, and speaks 5 languages.