Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

FREYR Battery cells will be locally manufactured in Norway, Finland, and USA with a surplus of natural resources to supply raw materials. Leveraging our cutting-edge facilities and strategic locations, our long-term target is a reduction of 81% in CO2 emission compared to traditional far East Asian cells manufacturing.

Our industrialised 24M semi solid technology, allows us to offer an extremely competitive cell for ESS applications while surpassing or matching industry standard in cycle life, DoD, RTE, and LCOS.

24M solves the grand challenge of energy storage with the invention of the semisolid lithium-ion battery, a revolutionary technology for the architects of our energy future. Credit: 24M Technologies

Zukui Hu

Vice President Sales, ESS

Zukui Hu joined FREYR as Vice President Sales, ESS. At Tesla, Mr. Hu most recently led the EMEA Energy Storage sales unit for grid scale, commercial, industrial, and microgrid applications. He has 13 years of project development and finance experience within the renewable energy industry, including solar, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and stationary storage from companies such as Tesla, Scatec Solar, and Engie.