Technology and Product Management

FREYR is a proactive partner for providers of battery-related technologies. We advocate business process innovation through collaboration, positioning the company for giga-scale production development.

Technology Strategy

1. Start from technology licensing and partnership to expand the battery production ecosystem to support FREYR Battery development

2. Continue to search for new and existing technologies that will help FREYR to become a leading industrialization player in batteries.

24M Technology

FREYR Battery and 24M Technologies, Inc. have signed a definitive License and Services Agreement that allows FREYR to use 24M’s SemiSolid battery platform technology.

The 24M technology has many potential benefits.

Conventional technology

FREYR may also seek to leverage conventional battery manufacturing technology, which allows for more rapid deployment of this existing, proven, and scalable technology.

Research and Development

We plan to establish a battery test center in Mo i Rana connected to the intial pilotline in Mo i Rana Industrial Park (MIP).

FREYR has established two groups of the R&D department in Norway and Japan.

FREYR Battery's R&D Department is led by Motoaki Nishijima, a specialist in next generation batteries and has over 30 years of R&D experience.

Nishjima worked as a manager for Next Generation Battery at the Japanese research institute KRI Co Ltd. and at Sharp Corporation.

Product Management Team

We have a skilled Product Management Team to adapt our battery cell solutions for the customers applications and needs. FREYR's Product Development Team is led by VP Technology – Project Development, Eirik Børsheim.

Børsheim has experience as Key Expert Energy Storage in Siemens and has experience from cell, module and system design and manufacturing from Leclanche SA and Siemens AS