Community Impact

Social impact of Giga Factories

The investment and construction of giga factories for battery cell production has the potential to help achieve a variety of social objectives such as direct and indirect employment, value generation and income for individuals as well as communities, greater access to education and healthcare for employees as well as indirect employees as well as innovation and entrepreneurship in the surrounding community. See an external third-party analysis of the potential ripple effects of FREYR’s investments in a Giga Arctic on the community in Mo i Rana in Norway here.

FREYR believe it is important to create positive, lasting social impacts on the communities in which we invest and to do so through stakeholder engagement through our construction of factories and the operations of the plants. Our ambition is to receive more than 75% positive feedback from our local stakeholders on our presence and our activities in our Giga Communities. A baseline and methodology for this will be developed over the next years.

In Mo i Rana our approach has been showcased through our engagement with Rana Utvikling (RU) with whom we have developed a project to identify and engage with relevant stakeholders across a wide range of issues. See a broader description of this local collaboration here.

As we prepare to establish ourselves in Coweta, Georgia we have used the
same framework for ensuring focus on community impact. ​