Our Employees

Our values

Our values are at the heart of our people and company culture, defining the way we work and how we relate to others.


Talent acquisition

One of the challenges we face is related to the system for attracting, selecting, signing, and onboarding new people, as we plan to escalate hiring in the future at pace with our development. In addition, the labor market is highly competitive in the type of qualifications and experience that FREYR requires. Acquiring this key talent serves as an additional critical challenge for us.

To meet these challenges, we have begun constructing a Prospect Pipeline – a key part of our strategy. Within this pipeline, FREYR and potential candidates can start interacting. Prospects are presented with relevant information about FREYR and they are asked if they have the potential to make a powerful contribution to the energy transition, in terms of their experience, talent, and values. The objective is to build a large cohort of qualified and motivated prospects who are ready to apply when relevant jobs are posted.

In addition to front-loading the Prospect Pipeline, FREYR is building an in-house talent acquisition team, which works in collaboration with external partners to provide a seamless candidate journey. This team increased the number of applications per job, while simultaneously implementing new systems, tools, and processes.

Employee engagement

Our success is entirely dependent upon our people, their efforts, and their steadfast commitment to our business objectives, as well as FREYR’s purpose to decarbonize transport and energy systems.

In our employee surveys we measure regularly the average employee ranking of engagement and satisfaction in order to inform and inspire us to continuously focus on building a culture where people thrive.

We want to work systematically and with partners in how to be attractive for talent to join and stay. Our ambition is therefor to be certified as a Great Place to Work™ by 2030.

Human capital development

We aim to attract and retain the industry's most skilled employees – people who see opportunities and have the competence to excite our customers, and to possess market-leading interdisciplinary competence. To do so, we must facilitate continuous learning and personal development in a work environment that is characterized by diversity, high ethical standards, employee well-being, and strong professional engagement.

Our approach to learning and development is inspired by the 70-20-10 model, which places the emphasis (70%) on on-the-job learning, with 20% learning based on interaction with others, and the remaining 10% from formal learning. This is central to our learning culture and is dependent on successfully designing work to optimize on-the-job learning.

In 2022, we implemented our Learning Management System. This was a key milestone on our journey to creating a learning culture. Employees completed more than 800 hours of learning in the second half of 2022. This number doesn’t include our external learning activities, such as the learning and development opportunities with 24M, our technology partner in Boston.

Human Capital Development Policy

This enables us to:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

FREYR is constantly seeking a healthy and respectful gender mix, and we encourage talents of different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and professional experience to join our global team. We do this because we believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”) are key building blocks in ensuring a sustainable culture, which is integral to our future success. To support our DEI ambitions, FREYR has developed and introduced specific and targeted DEI policies. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy commits us to:

Pay and benefits

We believe that by stimulating employee motivation, as well as loyalty to our values and our Company, we will deliver better results. In terms of compensation and other employee benefits. Read more here.