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FREYR Battery's reporting approach, partnerships, and sustainability and governance reports

Reporting approach

Our Sustainability reporting aims to give valuable insight into our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics to people, organizations and authorities who are interested in learning more about our operations around the world. The aim of FREYR’s sustainability reporting is to ensure accountability and transparency on our opportunities and challenges related to sustainable development.

Since its initial public offering in July 2021, FREYR has been engaged in the construction of the Customer Qualification plant (pilot plant) in Mo i Rana, Norway and in the planning of the investments in further giga factories for battery cell production in Norway, Finland and the US. No batteries have yet been produced nor delivered to customers and no raw materials have been delivered to FREYR. FREYR has however granted contracts to factory and machinery suppliers from all over the world to build our plants.

FREYR is continuing to develop its data reporting and setting up the systems for gathering the relevant data for such reports. As FREYR approaches revenue generation, it is expected that both the EU, Norway and the US will have implemented applicable requirements for ESG reporting. These requirements are expected to build on well-known international standards such as GRI, SASB and CDP, and FREYR is preparing accordingly. Also, the EU Battery Regulation with requirements for ESG reporting on a product level through a Battery Passport is under preparations in FREYR.

Freyr is already reporting to the UN Global Compact as well as through an integrated Annual Report. Our Environment and Social sections should be seen in context with the other parts of FREYR’s Annual Reports, in particular: letter from CEO, strategy, risk factors, performance and governance sections. We base our environmental, social and governance reporting on our materiality analysis which you can find here.

ESG memberships

Within ESG we work with the following collaborators:

Global Compact

Fair Cobalt Alliance

Global Battery Alliance (FREYR is a BoD member)



Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Battery Norway

Norwegian Business Association (NHO)

Our sustainability reports

FREYR Annual Report 2021

FREYR Annual Report 2022

FREYR Global Compact 2022

Menon; Social Impact Assessment Rana Community (in Norwegian only)

FREYR Transparency Act Report 2023 (English and Norwegian)