Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) - Norway

The Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) is currently under construction in Mo i Rana Northern Norway, in an existing 13.000 m2 building.

The CQP is a demonstration production line, which will be the actual physical size of a normal production line in commercial operations. The reason for this is to create sample sales for our customers and test different materials over time. It will also act as a training ground for our operators, so that when we start up our commercial giga factories, we have overcome most of the challenges already.

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Production Technology

FREYR Battery licenses Battery cell Technology from US based 24M Technologies, a spin out of MIT. The 24M production process differs from conventional battery cell production, as it only carries 5 steps in the production, compared to conventional cell production with 15-17 steps.

20220311 Freyr Orthographic Design
Layout of production line in CQP based on 24M Battery cell production process.

Suppliers of Equipment

24M Technologies prequalified the participants in the competitive tender for the equipment to produce by 24M’s SemiSolid lithium-ion battery platform technology. Equipment is now being manufactured and inspections and FATs carried out. Suppliers are MPac Lambert (UK), NTE Srl (IT), Hana Technology (SK) and more.

HANA Tech 3
Equipment from Hana Technology

Time line of Customer Qualification Plant (CQP)

Preparatory ground work started August 2021 with enforcing sections where the machinery will be placed. Steel frames for walls and ceiling was established and concrete frame for the technical rooms and chemical rooms. Air, temperature and humidity controle is a vital part of the construction of the facility and has been worked on in paralel with the rest of the construction.

The facility is on track to commence a ramp up of sample cell production in 1Q 2023.

CQP Update July 2022 - flythrough and room descriptions

CQP Update September 2022