Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) - Norway

The Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) is now completed in Mo i Rana Northern Norway, with 13.000 m2. We are now ramping up for production.

The CQP is a demonstration production line, which is the actual physical size of a normal production line in commercial operations. The reason for this is to create sample sales for our customers and test different materials over time. It will also act as a training ground for our operators, so that when we start up our commercial giga factories, we have overcome most of the challenges already.

CQP Formation 1
Aging and Formation room inside the CQP

Production Technology

FREYR Battery licenses Battery cell Technology from US based 24M Technologies, a spin out of MIT. The 24M production process differs from conventional battery cell production, as it only carries 5 steps in the production, compared to conventional cell production with 15-17 steps.

CQP Quality Control 3
Quality testing of pouch cell inside CQP

Immerse yourself in the remarkable story of FREYR Battery's Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) in Mo i Rana, Northern Norway. This video takes you on a captivating journey, highlighting the transformation of the CQP from a vast, empty hall to a cutting-edge 13,000 m² facility, ready to shape the future of battery technology.

20220311 Freyr Orthographic Design
Layout of production line in CQP based on 24M Battery cell production process.