Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) - Norway

FREYR’s Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) is located in a 13,000 m2 building in Mo i Rana, Northern Norway.

The CQP will function as a full-sized demonstration production line, at the actual physical size of a normal production line in commercial operations. This facility will focus on product development and refinement and will allow us to create sample cells for our customers and test different materials over time.

It will also act as a training ground for our operators, who will one day staff our commercial giga factories.

The CQP consists of an industrial scale production line, as well as an operative quality test lab and a testcenter for life cycle testing of battery cells.

Video tour of FREYR's Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) and Processes

CQP Formation 1
Production Line - Aging and Formation room inside the CQP
The Quality Test Lab inside the CQP
Steen Testcenter CQP
The packages and handovers to operations of Testcenter for Life Cycle Testing of Battery Cells is Complete

Production Technology

FREYR Battery licenses Battery cell Technology from US based 24M Technologies, which was a spin-off from MIT. The 24M production process differs from conventional battery cell production, with a reduced number of production steps.

CQP Quality Control 3
Quality testing of pouch cell inside CQP

Take a fascinating journey inside FREYR's cutting-edge Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) in Norway, witness the intricate process design that will enable us to manufacture advanced battery cells for clean energy, and meet the dedicated team shaping a sustainable future.

Immerse yourself in the remarkable story of FREYR Battery's Customer Qualification Plant (CQP) in Mo i Rana, Northern Norway. This video takes you on a captivating journey, highlighting the transformation of the CQP from a vast, empty hall to a cutting-edge 13,000 m² facility, preparing to shape the future of battery technology.