FREYR Stakeholder analysis

In the first quarter of 2022 FREYR did our first stakeholder analysis on corporate level. We also created a stakeholder management process in our management System which describes how to conduct this process.

Through conversations with the top management of the company across the different departements and staff areas, we identified the most important groups of stakeholder to the company. Each of the groups were designated an internal owner of the relationship in the top management team. The relationship with our customers is as an example, the main relationship of our EVP Sales. Another examples would be the labour unions who have as a main contact person our SVP Human Resources. In dialogue with these relevant top managers in FREYR we chose 2-3 representatives to contact and ask for ESG conversations. The requests for a conversation was initated by the top managers, and the ESG team in FREYR then conducted the conversations. The summary of the findings is shown below. This exersise will be repeated and the resulting new summary published every year as FREYR is establishing itself, learning, evolving and scaling.
1 1 ESG stakeholder analysis and summary 28 11 22