Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Guided by our vision, purpose and principles, FREYR plans to drive value for both shareholders and stakeholders by embedding sustainability throughout our corporate strategy. This commitment to corporate responsibility aligns FREYR with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

7. Affordable and clean energy

7.2: We plan to provide clean and sustainably produced battery solutions needed to substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030

7.3: By developing highly efficient LiB battery cell production facilities with lower energy consumption than conventional technology, we contribute to doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030

7.a: Through partnerships, R&D and sharing of knowledge and ideas across borders to promote investments in clean energy technology, we are implementing innovative technology in our manufacturing facilities for sustainable production of battery cells to support increased penetration of fossil-free energy.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

9.1: We are pioneering new sustainable industry as an early producer of clean battery cells in Norway and Europe, supporting a local battery value chain

9.4: We commit to innovation and building facilities based on the leading technology available to produce battery cells with a low environmental footprint and cost

9.4: Access to safe, efficient battery cells at competitive prices supports the supply of clean energy for sustainable economic development worldwide

9.5: We invest in long-term partnerships, R&D, and development of a sustainable local Nordic and European clean battery value chain

12. Responsible consumption and production

12.2: Our facilities are designed from the outset for sustainable management and use of energy and materials to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste

12.4: Our location and manufacturing technology support the sound management of materials, chemicals, and waste in production and through the product lifecycle and to minimize emissions to air, water, and soil

12.5: We use new technology which enables direct recycling with less energy and chemicals and direct reuse of materials in production. This allows for increased recycling with lower related emissions compared to conventional facilities

12.6: We commit to transparent and functional sustainability reporting as an integrated part of our overall external reporting framework

13. Climate action

13.1: The mass production of affordable and efficient batteries in a sustainable manner is key to decarbonizing global energy and transport systems

13.2: We support the 2016 Paris Agreement and our products are instrumental in efforts to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.