Sustainable Facilities

FREYR's planned manufacturing facilities are an important part of our full-cycle sustainable battery production model.

Combined gigafactory initial concept

FREYR targets emission-free construction sites

FREYR has a long-term target of emission-free construction sites and we are investigating how we can reduce emission from construction activities.

Local climate advantages for reduced energy consumption

All production sites have access to natural cooling water and cold, relatively dry air, allowing for efficient cooling and drying processes in the production line. Additionally, FREYR may export heat from the manufacturing process to the existing local district heating system and further reduce the net overall energy consumption.

Focused on energy efficiency

We design for energy efficiency in our operations. A fully integrated HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) and climate control across all processes, will drive facility energy optimization at all production sites by optimizing heat balance across all process steps and reuse of surplus heat.

FREYR and Siemens are developing a Digital Twin of the battery cell and of the facility which produces the battery cell, creating a virtual model of the entire manufacturing facility. The model enables FREYR to evaluate, in real time and optimize the physical battery cell manufacturing process over time. In addition, we plan to deploy a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) across all production processes. Energy-consuming facility elements will provide a digital platform for further reductions to energy consumption during facility operations.