FREYR Battery Insights

Feb 28, 2024

Dive into the latest from FREYR Battery with updates on our operational milestones, strategic growth plans, and community engagement. This edition encapsulates our journey through February's achievements, including pivotal advancements at the CQP, impactful industry insights, and gives a closer look at the faces behind our operations.

⚡️ FREYR Milestones & News

  • Operations update:
    In February, FREYR's Asset Mo team at the Customer Qualification Plant ("CQP") reached a significant milestone by successfully conducting automated casting trials for both anode and cathode electrodes with active electrolyte slurry. FREYR is now moving closer to initiating fully automated battery cell production for customer samples by H1 2024. Read more
  • CQP progress to support U.S. Department of Energy Title 17 application:
    Leveraging recent successes at the CQP, FREYR aims to secure a conditional commitment from the U.S. DOE for its Giga America project, promising job creation in Coweta County, GA, and advancement of the SemiSolidTM platform. Read more
  • Launching FREYR 2.0 growth initiative:
    With a strong position in the global battery market, FREYR initiates the 2.0 growth plan to explore over 100 GWh of production capacity in the U.S. and Europe for ESS and EV applications, including strategic inorganic growth opportunities to fast-track market presence and revenue. Read more

🔋 Battery Industry Roundup

  • 2024 Sustainable Energy Factbook: A Resource and Trend Guide
    FREYR Battery supports the annual Sustainable Energy in America 2024 Factbook by BCSE and BloombergNEF, highlighting the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on clean energy markets, including battery manufacturing.
  • The New York Times Highlights FREYR's Strategic Evolution
    FREYR's adaptation to the energy market's challenges and its commitment to sustainability and innovation are spotlighted in The New York Times, emphasizing the company's role in the global energy transition.
  • FREYR Battery CEO Discusses Key Strategies and Milestones
    FREYR's CEO Birger Steen shared insights on the company's growth, Giga America's impact, and the role of IRA incentives in U.S. battery production in an interview with Inside Climate News.
  • FREYR Featured in CNBC Documentary on Renewable Energy and Innovation
    CNBC's documentary features FREYR CEO Birger Steen discussing innovation, renewable energy's role in the EV shift, and the importance of policies like the Inflation Reduction Act for the energy transition.

🌍 Employee and Community Spotlight

  • Meet Michael Brose:
    An operations leader with over 30 years of experience, leading FREYR's Customer Qualification Plant in Norway. Having recently relocated to Mo i Rana, Mike and his team are making strides, most recently with successful automated anode and cathode casting trials using active slurry. [Watch the interview on Youtube]
  • In the Media - FREYR Employees:
    Ashim Khadka has been featured in RanaNo, and Ingo Bergmann along with Nina Abel have appeared in Ranablad, discussing their work at FREYR Battery and life in the Arctic.
  • CQP Visits: Special thanks to our team for hosting visits from esteemed media outlets, including The New York Times, Teknisk Ukeblad, and Dagens Næringsliv at our Customer Qualification Plant in Mo i Rana, offering them a detailed look at our cutting-edge battery technology and manufacturing process. Read more
  • Norwegian Parliament Committee Visit: We extend our gratitude to the 20+ members of the Norwegian Parliament's Committee of Energy and Environment for a productive visit to the Customer Qualification Plant, where they gained insights into our industry-leading battery technology and operations. Read more

🗓️ Mark Your Calendars

  • Washington Post Live with FREYR CEO Birger Steen and Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.)
    Watch recording: The race to decarbonize the American economy
    FREYR CEO Birger Steen and US Representative Scott Peters recently took part in conversations about the new opportunities for industrial innovation, the impact of recent legislation on clean energy development and their assessment of the challenges ahead.
    March 13, 2024
    Place: Online

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