Jeremy Bezdek

Jeremy Bezdek

Director of the Board

Mr. Bezdek currently serves as a director of FREYR.

Mr. Bezdek is the Managing Director of Koch Strategic Platforms (KSP), an investment arm of Koch Industries. In his current role, Mr. Bezdek leads investments as part of KSP’s energy transformation vertical. He has spent 26 years with Koch companies in a variety of finance and commercial leadership roles, primarily in the energy industry. Mr. Bezdek has underwritten significant investments by KSP in the battery value chain and brings that industry knowledge to the board of FREYR.

Mr. Bezdek currently serves on the board of directors of four companies in which Koch has an investment and serves on the management committee of a joint venture created by KSP.

Mr. Bezdek holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance Concentration from the University of Kansas.